Blessed Daughter Brining Her First Turkey, I am so proud!

Happy Thanksgiving

Are the pies all ready

How are your boys and girls

Tell me about the kids

From the youngest to the oldest

I don’t think I am going to cook or I might

Can I decide tomorrow when I wake up

I am weary and surprisingly not hungry

I may walk to the store

pick up the lovely frozen

Cornish game hens

2 in a pack

they usually have a sale today

since its Wednesday

Just in case



I am lonely for someone

To read the books I am reading

with me

Some of them I know

Some of them I have not met yet

Who is my tribe

How will I recognize them

Will they know me



And place

Whose work do I like

I want to write like them

I spend so much time


Sending out invitations

I now am too tired to go

To write

I forget to go where I wanted to go in the first place

Just write

Just read

They will catch up

They will find you

They will find me